How to Donate

Donate helmets

For donations of Elmo helmets or other supplies, such as materials and equipment to assist inpatients diagnosed with Covid-19 in the Secretary of Health of the State of Ceará (Sesa) network, contact can be made by e-mail In the email, you must inform what will be donated, in addition to the item specifications and the invoice or declaration of ownership.

Donate Supplies

For donations of supplies to be used at the Ceará School of Public Health (ESP/CE), such as Elmo helmet units for training healthcare professionals, contact the ESP/CE Administrative Management Nucleus by phone (85) 3101.1421.

Other Donations

For training requests/donations or cash donations, contact the Financial Management Nucleus (NUGEF) of the Ceará School of Public Health (ESP/CE) at (85) 3101-1427, 3101-1417 and (85) 98439-0220 or through from our institutional electronic address

Total helmets donated to SUS in Ceará


Helms donated to CSPH





Elmos donated to CHD

Ceará Medical Association – 190
Esmaltec/Edson Queiroz Group – 1500
City Communication Group – 10
Patricia Queiroz de Castro (Edson Queiroz Group) – 100
Union of Cleaning and Conservation Companies of the State of Ceará (UCCCSC) – 30
Union of Wholesale Medicines, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene and Related Products of the State of Ceará (UWMPCPHRP) – 100
Solar Coca-Cola – 100